Thursday, April 22, 2010


Yeah, I have been sick for the past 2 days! Stupid fever wont go down, took the medicine of a lighter dosage but still got allergic to it. My eyes were so puffy and i could not see much, as usual. Had to go down and get a jab to bring down the inflammation of the eyes and lungs.

But i got bored. Real bored. I couldnt possibly lie in bed the whole day. My body was aching from all that lying. Did manage to finish a LO and decided to try lots of misting. Mist mist mist! I love my mist! I love my TA bottles. I want to buy more. (:

Haha. MWL came out with the TA's matting mat today and it was just so exciting! but i couldnt go down and get it! Hopefully, it will still be around this weekend.

Anyway, heres' the layout! I am trying to use up all the pictures that has been developed. Using up all my papers and embellishments. No more hoarding!

7.48 pm.
I am going to sleep.

1 comment:

skyline said...

Good job with misting and the nice background's not too bad..I kind of like it. And I hope the mat will be around when u go on Sat! It seems quite useful rather than having specks of glimmmer mist all over your table. I so wanna scrap now!!

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