Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday is over!

Hello all! I am so glad monday is over! The weekend was so short as I had NPCC the whole day on Saturday! I was so tired after that. I am glad that their exams are coming but it is also means that i need to catch up on my marking even though i am procrastinating now.

I have been making lots of paper flowers yesterday and i am so hooked onto it. I can finally see the purpose in buying an MM tweezers. They are so good for making paper flowers. Okay, so i decided to join Leena's challenge but i am not sure whether my background actually counts for BIG and BOLD!

In any case, I am really happy at how it came out! Love love the thift shop papers. I realised that OA is my greatest weakness since i have four stacks of OA papers left. zzzz, i am seriously going to try to use them all and stop hoarding.

Have a good week ahead.
Friday will come soon! :D


skyline said...

Yes yes yes! Friday will come soon!!!! All the best at the challenge!!

shaggyfish said...

oh oh oh OA, me love too... thats why Im hoarding lots toooo! keke
but okay lets scrap all our OA!
didnt noe u your cca is npcc... hehe... i thot you are in choir, dance, clubs and society cca... wah cool.. dun play play npcc officer!! coool!!!! but UG is really very very tiring! your secondary school CCA is also in UG?

friday tmrw... yay!

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