Monday, April 26, 2010


i must be at one with my markings! Need to finish all the markings before the exams pile comes in. I got to finish it even though i am so easily distrated. Did i tell you how much i hate to mark essays? You got to hand it to the kids - bad grammer is a NONO for any teacher. The endless 'correcting' of essays just need to stop.

Did i tell you the worst? I got assigned to mark 160 essay scripts. All the best to me. Haha.

I am looking forward to some scrap time this week, hopefully. Want to finish my album filled with all the dear lizzy products. (: I know i am still hooked. I put aside all the rest of my new OA papers for later. (:

As promise :

Have a good weekend.


shaggyfish said...

long weekend coming for the labour day... hang it there!
my best friend used to mark essays and my heart went to her everytime exam period!
focus and jia you jia you...
scrap when u take a break!

Yin said...

Scrap to take your marking stress away Jeanette! Oh i love those flowers you made!! They look hard to make.

Have a good weekend holiday ahead, and hope you'll get some needed rest.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jean, me joining pathlight :) let me know if you need any info in the future ok. Thanks for dropping by my blog.. All the well wishes are so impt to me.

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