Friday, May 14, 2010


Finally, exams scripts are marked and returned. I am just going to enjoy the remaining two weeks before holiday starts. I am just so happy that i can finally scrap today! I am planning to finish an album. Woohoo.

In any way, i took really long to get this Layout done since there was marking involved too. But it is finally done. Got to thank Jo for helping me stich since i am absolutely useless in that aspect.

I was really happy by how it turned out since this LO means so much to me. The aspect of Hong Kong and wanting to migrate and work there is still living in my heart but is yet to be fulfiled. One day, that will happen. I was also glad to try out making flowers using satin instead of fabric. It was a whole lot harder to use satin since it is a softer texture and it was hard to twist and turn. :D


skyline said...

YO DUDE!! I can't see the stitching clearing woah! You must zoom in more! And about Hong Kong, GO GO GO GO!!!! You are young only once so u should take the chance to go while you can! And I promise to visit you when u are ther! Good job with the LO. I'll bring the green satin cloth and dolly paper for u later. See ya dude!

shaggyfish said...

oooh nice satin flower there! the stitches are v neat too!
u can try to see the attachment to teach in the international sch in HK! jia you and may your wish comes true one day ya!

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