Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Blues

20 more scripts to my finished target for today! Still got tons to mark! It is so hard to not get distracted. Anyway, I managed to complete my album on Friday and I wanted to upload the pictures first before i go back to mark.

Back to reality.


shaggyfish said...

jia you in yr marking!
how not to get distracted... can understand!
ooooh the album is soooo amazing! yr happy papers make a super happy album!!! can imagine :)

Sindy said...

The album is loaded with lovely yummies! I love it!

skyline said...

Dude, your album is nice siah! But u need to take better photos! Bring them over to my place. I get HK to take for you with his super duper cam. Free of Charge! All the best for the MWL Guest Designer call hor. I hope u win a spot!

magnette said...

Thanks YW and Pooi!

Jo: Lol dude! I am not even going for the DT call! i am just posting regulary like what i normally do! Haha. DT calls are pressurizing, remember?

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