Saturday, May 22, 2010


I went out early this morning with Jo and Lyn to settle some scrapbooking stuff for the church carnival in June. I am so happy that we are going to be doing make and takes for about 100 people. Samples are done by yours truly where they will make a photo stand and put a 2R picture inside.

Here are the samples: I think it will be fairly simple for them. They will just need to stamp a verse, punch a border, put a flower and fold the scouring lines and they are done. What do you think?

They will have a variety of papers, stamps and punches to choose from. We bought them today and it was so fun! I hope they will enjoy making it. We are appealing for a poloroid section where they can instantly put their photos into the stand. We went to Bras Basah today to get the stamps done. I am so amazed by the shop and what the designers are able to do. And on top of that, the prices are so cheap! Our most ex stamp was only priced at 13 dollars!

I am planning to make some of myself too. One would defintetly be on the latest movie, Kick Ass where he claims " With no power comes no responsibility!" Oops, i know it is pointless but i love this quote so much! I was laughing hard when he said it.


I also managed to start experimenting with canvas! Love love love it!

Need to get more paints, mists and canvas! Have a good weekend.

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skyline said...

Yo Dude! I like your cards! But u need to put a patterned paper in the background to hide your messy table!!! Good job with the canvas. U can pay me for the paper doily.

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