Sunday, June 27, 2010

last day of freedom (for now)

School starts tomorrow, yet again. Wow. Where have all the time gone to? Seriously, when you are having fun..time passes equally fast. To a new term, i am praying that everything will be fine and stay fine. 2nd semester is always the fastest so i am excited about that. (:

My jetlag is better also, slowly recovering. Just wanted to share what i have been doing. Before i left for USA, i made a couple of canvases for my friends. (:

This was also a big hit yesterday. (:

I was half worried that no one would patronise the stall, but boy was i wrong. It was the most popular among all the stalls at the church carnival. it was non stop work for Jo and me, from 4 to 9. But they had fun. I love how they commented how papers, flowers and buttons were pretty. Or comments on how 'they always wanted to try scrapbooking but never knew how to start..'

To next year, lets keep things a bit more simple and make it less tiring for ourselves. Got to thank Jo for the aimless preparation work done before the carnival.

Till the next update,
have a good week ahead.


skyline said...

aimless preparation???? or Endless? haha..what is aimless preparation? Dude: next year it's your turn to cut and score the paper. cheers to 3 hours of work, blunt blade and an aching back. you have been warned.

Jeanette said...

Shoot! its endless. I wrote wrongly! Pai seh. Wrote this entry when i was half asleep yesterday. (: Yes, next year its my turn to mug for them. But the final products are pretty! i was looking at some on FB! We did a great job. (:

skyline said...

Yes we did a great job..But I almost year I will mend the pop corn stall.

shaggyfish said...

didnt see all these pretty canvases!!
m sure the people will adore them and inspire them to start...

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