Saturday, June 19, 2010


Hello, from the Land of the Free (or should i say Scrap Heaven!)


USA is really an awesome country. It has been 12 days since i blogged and look at how time has flown by. I am so sad that i will be heading home in two days time. I am waiting at Denver Aiport right now, since the flight got delayed and i have like so much time to spare. (: Scrapbooking here is FREAKING MASSIVE! i think i spent around 400 bucks already. Its time to stop buying. I was just so happy that i started buying and buying. So far, i have managed to shop in 2 massive SB stores and everytime i stopped at Walmart, i will run to the craft section and get stuff. (: Walmart is like our Singapore's Spotlight. It has all the great deals (MARTHA STEWARD PUNCHES) and cheap ribbons. (:

I cant wait to get back and start scrapping with all my goodies! Jo and Lyn will be heading over on Wed, hopefully and i can LELONG my stuff to them since i bought them quite a lot of stuff. I am generous so i hope they will pay me back so money! Haha. (:

I managed to get my auntie and my mum to get a SB kit to scrap about the USA trip. They were having fun buying stuff and it reminded me of how i first started. it is a good hobby to cultivate, we just need to watch the pockets.

Sending all my love from Denver.
I will be back soon. (:


skyline said...

woo!! $400 of stuff..wait till Dad sees your credit card bill..he will flip!! But then again, who cares? You have so much nice stuff. And and and....I can't believe u got mum and Aunt E into this crazy hobby. You're nuts! But fun to have more scrappers!!

See u Wed exciting to see all the stuff. WOOOOOO

shaggyfish said...

wow... welcome back!!! and take photos of yr loot before the lelong session leh!!!! hahahaha... so that I can droool tooooooo

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