Monday, August 2, 2010

3 more days

to the long weekend! I cant wait! I realised that sleeping too much is not good! I feel so sleepy still and i cant barely find the energy to last the day. Here is one to share for this week. I took 3 days to complete this french memo board since you know i am such a slow scrapper. But i am glad to see it turn out the way i wanted to. Firstly, i got to use up my flowers! and it was fun trying something different from the usual layouts. I would want to do another for a friend's upcoming bday but this time, i want to choose a lighter background for the board. I wanted cream actually but they ran out of the colour and the rest were so expensive. Zzzzz.

I will be back soon to share on layouts done for the recent USA trip. I got my photos developed already and just started on one layout. Almost done, I hope. For now, it is time to go back to marking papers. :/


Yin said...

Classy looking memo board Jeanette, nice colour combi too!! I'm already drooling over your recent US photos...argghhh and all that scrap supplies...lucky you!!

Anonymous said...

Love this. What did you use for the gem pins at each ribbon crossover point??

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