Monday, August 30, 2010

Happy Monday!

Mondays are never good days because it just means the week has begun. However, this week is different. We get Tuesday and Wednesday off from work due to Teacher's day. I am in a holiday mood now. (: Just finished marking one class of test papers and still have 3 more stacks to go.

I have much to share:

Starting with a card made for a colleague. Used the Jack and Jill's papers which i absolutely love. Need to start using them more.

Then, I did this for 2 challenges I am taking part in. MWL's Scrap Date #4 and AC's Dear lizzy challenge.

Enchanted - Charming Colin 35623
Enchanted - Noble James 35263
Enchanted - Fasionable Peony 35266
Enchanted- Wonderful Alice Paper 35247
Thickers : Dear Lizzy + Enchanted Fantastic

I am in love with Dear Lizzy. You should know that by now. It is probably the reason why i love AC more than everything right now. No other brands suit my style more than AC. Love how the lines are so clean and simple. (:

Off to do some cards. :D


MamaJ said...

That's really pretty! :) Loved the colours and how your journalling slips into the little pocket. All the best for the challenges, and happy teacher's day!

Joanna said...

i hope u win the challenge again!!

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