Sunday, August 15, 2010

loving the weekends

I just wish sometimes that the weekends could be that much longer! I had so much desire to scrap over the weekend that time really passed by so fast. Oh well, i finished whatever i set out to do. Kate fell terribly sick this weekend and she is still in the hospital, down with high fever. They have still yet to detect what is causing it but may need to take blood test soon. Do pray for her. We have been down at the hospital on sat night and the whole of today.. Lets hope she gets better. (: I will need to go down and see her tomorrow after work.

Anyway, this was what happened last week.

An impromtu class for my two good friends who stayed over my house. They had so much fun making their albums and learning how to embellish. (: I think they were equally as excited as I was. It was so fun watching that going crazy over papers and embellishments. (:

This was my version of the album i made for J.

That's all for now. I have an exciting news to share. I am planning to give a giveaway to one lucky person. Would anyone be interested?


Joanna said...

You should seriously have a class for more people! I think people will attend your class! ahhahahaha :)

Anyway, a giveaway..I promise not to participate as I need to destash also..

shaggyfish said...

oh poor Kate, hope shes better now!
love your quotes album book, love all the stamps!!
any punches to giveaway??? hahaha asking for tooo much right!!! wait you give me real punch or fruit punch... keke :D

Sandy Ang said...

A giveaway is always nice.
I have one on my blog too if you have the time :

piradee talvanna said...

wow...looks like you guys had a super great time and the mini album is super cute!! love how you used those tags on the pages :)

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