Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Where did the National Day Holiday gone to? I have absolutely no idea. I was having way too much fun and time passed by so quickly. I had time for a scrap crop on Sat, followed by a wedding to attend and a bday party. I was so exhausted but had time to enjoy myself.

I will just keep this post short by posting a layout I did recenly on my USA trip. I am really quite slow so bear with me as I try to complete all the LOs i want to do for the USA trip.

I miss waking up to this every morning at Auntie Lisa' house. The smell of fresh flowers, the vibrant and cheery garden that overlooks from the patio. It was the smell of summer and it marked the beginning of summer. (:

Will be back with another round of exciting stuff to share.

1 comment:

shaggyfish said...

this layout won the challenge i host! go and collect your RAK, ya
congrats :)

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