Thursday, November 25, 2010

live, breathe scrap

I have been doing absolutely nothing but scrapping! Yes, i love you holidays! Though work is at the back of my mind, i am leaving it to saturday where i am going to use that 6 hours in school to complete some work. (:

For now, i have been scrapping a lot. A LOT! I am trying to finish as much as i set out to do before i leave for 16 days to HK. Yes, i am leaving this Sunday. I cant believe i waited so long for it to happen. (: For now, i am happily creating while sending out mails to the post office to people who ordered my stash. Once again, thank you! I am living the life that i wanted to have since i started work. I should enjoy and savour every moment before school arrives.

I simply love waking up to days where i can do anything i want and enjoy life!

So here is what i have been doing. I have been working with lots and lots of canvas because i am going to give them to each of my friend on Christmas. So here is the review of the first canvas:

This is for P. After working on this first, i realised that it was a little too cluttered. But still loving the flowers and embossing on the canvas itself. Oh! And using glimmer mists to 'cover' the canvas is 10 times more efficient than painting. You get a nicer effect and it saves a hell lot of time. (: I love you, mists!

Till tomorrow's review...

Have a good Friday ahead. TGIF!

1 comment:

Joanna said...

i see that u have been using your heat gun woah! whoooo! Heat gun rocks!

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