Monday, November 22, 2010

My fear(s)

What is your greatest fear? For the longest time, i have been very scared of heights. I can still vividly remember walking on an overhead bridge when i was young. I used to be so scared of doing so, fearing that the bridge will collapse. Ever since then, no matter where I go, even if it is in a lift that is clear and transparent, i fear for my life. Haha. Weird right? But i just cant seem to overcome it and the heart beat just gets faster and faster.

But the funny thing is that I am not that afraid of taking rollercoaster rides because I know that I will eventually come down and it will end within a few minutes but what really scares me is being perpectually up there. Such is an incident that took place in the recent trip to USA. I think i shared here before that I was forced to take the cable car up to Mount Teton which was 12000 ft above ground. Dad had to literally bribe me with hot chocolate but even then, i was not convinced myself. I think I did it for the sake of not disappointing the rest.

So i scrapped about it:

That's me, holding Dad's hand. Mum even said she was not scared but look at her!Haha. Not once did I let go of Dad's hands and not once did i look up to see the view. Haha. P.S: If you see the close up, you will realise i drew cable car line on the city landscape stamp. (: And the new craze is bakerz twines. :D

24 years and it is still like that. Haha. I wished there was some ways to overcome it but it just daunts upon me that it might never happen. But i guess I am happy this way. Right now, I am just thinking of how to escape not taking the cable car to Lantau Island when I leave for HK this week.

So what is your greatest fear?

I will be drawing a winner tonight, for the giveaway. Thanks for all your support. (: By the way, both stashes on the top bar has been updated. I uploaded more stuff that I want to sell. Do take a look. Thanks. :D


Joanna said...

Mine is roller coasters & aeroplanes..
Anything else I say, 'Bring it on'.

Just these 2..scares the hell out of me!

Sandy Ang said...

Great that you did this even with your fear of heights - and scrapped about it !

Lyndis said...

when i saw the actual layout i thought it was referring to yr mum! cos she was also gripping the thing. couldn't really see u in the photo, haha. :)

shaggyfish said...

i think a lot of things scared the hell out of me... hahaha
height included... but i think i always challenge myself, seow right :D

love the layout and the bakers twine!
have fun in HK! i think cable car not tooooooo scary ya!!! try it try it :)

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