Friday, November 26, 2010

Canvas 2

This is for L. I am in love with this canvas. It was sprayed with perfect peach mist and i used white embossing powder to emboss the background. I love that prima stamp so much. (: Love love the little details and i realised i miss having flowers on my canvas or background.

I realised that i do love TA mists a hell lot more than MR mists. It is sad because i hardly use them even though i have a few bottles of them. So i have decided to put some for sale, if you are interested. Not new but still in good working condition. I wished i could keep them but at the rate i am buying TA mists, there is just no room for maya road mists. Do take a look. (:

Here is a sneak for the next canvas:

Edit: I will not have time to update tonight so have a good 3 weeks, people! I will miss everyone but Hong Kong loves me and needs me! (: For those who are emailing me to buy stuff, pls be patient. I will attend back to you when i come back! For those who indicated, i will hold on to your purchases and send over when i am back. So sorry for the delay. Thanks :D


Joanna said...

Good job dude, I see u are having fun with your embossing but your ribbon tying skills must improve! hahahaha..I tie for u lah!

MamaJ said...

Have a great trip! :)

Sandy Ang said...

So prettily feminie and charming!

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