Monday, December 20, 2010

back to basics

As i was surfing the net yesterday, i came across this scrapper that really inspired me. Looking at her work made me realised that you dont need much to make a beautiful layout. Often time, scrappers rush to buy new products or products that appeal to us, just because we want them or need them. I am not saying that buying these products arent good, i am guilty as such but seeing her work made me realised that simple is good and the basics of scrapbooking can be as easy as just using papers, mediums and scizzors.

I was so amazed by how she could repeatedly used back the same stamps in her layouts but yet the layouts were beautiful and original. Often time, my biggest worry is using products all over again, fearing that my layouts would be boring. I feel the constant need to use the new products bought. But shouldnt the purpose of buying something you like be the reason why you use them over and over again? (:

So i took some time off my christmas gifts and I tried going back to what i used to love:

Using the basics of just misting, stamping and lots of alphas. No flowers, no trims, no crystals. Just using the products i used to love: my MS butterfly punches, my alphas and my stamps and simply depicting the story of Enjoying the sunrise and experiencing the amazing sunset in the USA'10.

Have a great Monday!


MamaJ said...

Its simple, yet pretty... Looking at your layout gives me this feeling of calm. :) Which scrapper are you referring to? Link link! :)

Jeanette said...

Hi Justina,

Check out the right side bar. her name is Rahel and there is a link for her blog under SwissGirl. :D

Thanks for the comments. :D

MamaJ said...

Oh ok! Thanks, going to check out the link! Blessed Christmas!

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