Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry Christmas and storage ideas

Hello! I wanted to do an earlier post on Christmas day itself but couldnt find the time to do so. Merry Christmas and I hope you'all had a splendid christmas celebration. This year, Christmas was celebrated simple and quietly. Enjoyed the little catch ups with various groups of friends as well as having some good O company with the family. (:

Remember the previous entries with the canvases! Well, i managed to finish a total of 12 canvases and each of them has been painstakingly given to my closest friends. The only regret is not taking pictures of the last two canvases i did, since i was in a rush as usual, not being able to finish them in time. What a pity, since those two were done for guys and i took a lot of time to get the perfect grunge look. Haha

Oh well, for now enjoy these few close ups of the presents all sealed with love with tags.


Another thing that i have been doing has been to rearrange my little craft room. Haha. Recently, i have been inspired by this blog: which shows you people's craft rooms and storage ideas so i thought i made use of some storage that i had to rearrange my crafts.

These 4 black compartments come from IKEA and i used to use them to store my unwanted stash but now has been converted to storing my punches, my bigger stamps and my little secret stash of Tim Holtz goodies. I love how i can visibly see my punches just by storing them this way.

This was recommended by my colleague and i recently bought this to store my little embellishments that i used to contain in a box. It was such a genius idea as i can now put all my embellisments out for me to look through instead of rummaging through my box.

Last but not least, i am sure this storage idea isnt new to people. i just used my 1" circle punch to label each Tattered Angel Glimmer Mist. I like how i can visbily see them clearer and the colours are so pretty. Oh! And dont be shocked by how much mists i have. This is my GREATEST weakness! Haha.

Enjoy the NEW YEAR celebration this weekend. :D School is sadly starting but i will enjoy these last few days in peace and happiness. (:


Joanna said...

Dude! U do have like a gazillion mists!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No more buying!

shaggyfish said...

wow, the mist on the circles are such a great idea!!! thanks for sharing

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