Monday, December 13, 2010

At this moment

.. Things to be thankful for:

1) Parents

for a safe journey back from Hong Kong. for the incredible bonding time we had and realising that my parents arent getting any younger. Thankful for the opportunities to love them.

2) my awesome CG

who has never failed to bring me joy for 24 years of my life. for been my rock and my strength in every aspect. for never fearing to be who i want to be and for the future that holds us.

3) Dennis and Sara

once part of the cg, always part of the cg. For a brother whom i knew since i was born. Seeing him finding his soulmate warms my heart, knowing that he is in good hands. The first to get married among us. (:


And before i end, one more canvas to share. Yet another group of friends whom i treasure. Loving the colour (spring violet) against the bronze ribbons and sweet details. (: Loving the embossed look as usual.

Happy Holidays! I am back from Hong Kong! :D

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