Friday, January 28, 2011


Scrappy week -

In spite of busy days at work, i still managed to find an hour a day to scrap. I must admit, it was really tiring considering that i have to wake up at 6 everyday. But i tried and i scrapped quite a bit. Well, i have finally decided to take out my big stash of AC Enchanted, Love and City Park collections which i have been hoarding since the last CHA.. Yes! I decided to finally use them. And wow, it felt good destashing. I felt like i finally cleared some stash off my room.

Anyway, I did a simple layout on the HK trip again. Just documenting the three of us in HK Disneyland. With all my heart, i really do miss that place. Whenever i scrap about HK, i feel a whole lot better. (: Oh well, that sums up the HK Dec trip.

Smitten over heart shape tags -
I figured that since Vday was coming that i would made some heart shaped tags, capturing some quotes of love. what's that not to love when you get to work with AC's Love collection. I am loving what i did. (:

Ooooh! To get little folded edge around the heart, simply cut a 1 inch strip of paper and tape the sides as you fold the strips. Its pretty simple. Try it! I love how it gives the hearts more texture. (:

Shopping -

Yes, i am heading downtown today to shop with the sister. Last minute rush to find some new clothes for CNY! yes, i have been that busy to go shopping! I bet everyone is in town. Oh help me! Do need to get something no matter what. (:

Have a good saturday! (:


Joanna said...

Glad u got a dress in the end! Round 2 on tues! Chiong ah!

MamaJ said...

Hope it was a fruitful shopping trip! I had to rush mine too, and shopped for a total of a grand 40 minutes in total, haha...

Loved the layout, and thanks for sharing how to make the folded edge, it really makes a pretty border!

shaggyfish said...

loved the AC layout! love love all those heart tags tooo!!! love everything AC!!!!! hahaha
happy chinese new year ya :) and good to scrap and destash!

Sandy Ang said...

What gorgeous tags for Valentine's day. Love the pleating along the edges. Happy New Year!

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