Monday, January 24, 2011


when life gets hard or when you are hit with a rough monday, the first thing i think about is Kate. Nothing beats the thoughts of how much Kate is growing up or how i wish i could be a part of her life more. I am so glad she is my niece and that spending time with her makes me forget the realities of life.

And in just a month from now, i am going to be blessed with another niece. I am blessed with a good family and friends that i know i can count on even when work takes the better of me. Days like these are hard but i know for sure, He holds every tomorrow i have. It can only get better.

Not to forget, the second thing that comes to my mind is thoughts on how nice it will be to sit at home on my scrap table and just scrap to my heart's content. I can only dream but you never know when it might come true.

I hope you are having a better Monday than mine. But in all things, i am blessed and thankful for whatever life hits me with. (:

1 comment:

miss vio said...

miss kate is so very darling :) I want to meet her, kiss her and hug her in person one day... to think you get a second one in another month!! *severe jealousy attack* :) ...

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