Sunday, January 16, 2011

a quicky

Wow, what a weekend i had. I cant believe that tomorrow is Monday and it is back to work. But i had a blast at IrisBaobaouy's workshop on Saturday. It was non stop scrapping for 5 hours and i was aching after we finished. But it was such an honour to finally meet her in person. She was one of the first few scrappers that i admired when i started scrapping. She is on every Design Team that i deemed in my top list and it was awesome to see her teach us. What i got out of the workshop was how intricate she is when it comes to cutting and her layouts are not only beautiful but she has perfect colour combination as well as intricate texture details.

Oh and i got to meet Pooi also! (: Not that its the first time but it was good to finally take a picture with her. (: I will post the pictures up once i uploaded the photos.

Just wanted to share one of the canvas i did before but did not have a chance to put it on the blog. A quick technique tip: Mist your canvas and while it is still wet, grab some tissue paper and start dabbing on the canvas. What is left a beautiful texture on the canvas. I love how this was a great alternative than to use masks or embossing. (:

And this is probably one of the favourites. Love the button in the picture that i bought from HK and the teal ribbon from Arab Street. (: (:


Oh! Time to announce the winner for the mini tags giveaway! The random generator chose JUANNA HOPE! Congrats! Do send me your posting details to I will be sending your giveaway to you. And thank you all for leaving such lovely well wishes ! It was blissful reading those sweet comments. (:

Have a great week ahead.


shaggyfish said...

yay, finally took a photo with you!!! and love the ribbons on your canvas, you great in tying those ribbons!!! and i love the layout on the previous post using the pp sweetness! and im sure you really love HK a lot! you have such a blast on your birthday!!! and so 2011 will be great! will scrap the photo with you and your sis together sooooon :) i love all those masking tapes tooo!!

Juanna Hope said...

hi, thanks for picking me! really chased my mondy blues away (: just wanted to find out, do you mist directly on the canvas? and for the white prints in the background, other than emboss, are there other ways to stamp a white design? tks! sorry for the qns, thinking of trying to create a canvas nxt for v day haha :p

Jeanette said...

Hey. The random generator chose you! Congrats. Do send me your posting address.

As for your qns: yes! mist directly on the canvas. Just spray a variety of close and 'far away' sprays. You can also use two or more mists.

As for stampings: i find it harder to stamp white ink on canvas because it smudges easily and you might not be able to see the prints clearly. You can try to do so and immediately try it with heat gun.

If not, you can try painting or masking the canvas. that will leave the portion of the canvas with its original colour, white. :D

Hope it helps.

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