Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hello Sunday!

There is so much to look forward to for the coming week since it is going to the long awaited Easter weekend. Even if that means a lot of assignments to mark before the exams in 2 weeks but i would rather do that in the comfort of home! Haha. I havent been blogging much since i have been procrastinating the thought of typing.

I have been scrapping though. A lot! I have been trying to get some notebooks done since they are going to be sold at a store soon. Will let you guys in once things are finalised.


On Saturday, Kate came over to the house and as usual, she loves stamping. She makes me sit on the chair first and she sits on my lap while i take out stamps for her to stamp. Besides that, she loves taking out my pearls and buttons and sticking them on papers. A future scrapper, dont you think?

That's her on the chair while i was sitting on the floor, rearranging my stash. As you can see, my scrap area is messy! it always is, until i finish a project or a LO. Haha. She was quite cute. She insisted on going back on the chair herself and commented 'dont distub, kate is working now.'

Anyway, a LO for this week. I am so glad i bought the AC peachy keen series. I was pretty certain i wouldnt but when i saw them in the stores, i couldnt resist. (:

It is amazing how thickers can be used as a form of embellishments. In this case, i used the letter 'O' to add interest on the border strip.

I will be back shortly with more. (:


Joanna said...

i love your layout! It's very nice! u need to go apply for some DT and I'm sure u will get in! Nice use of the O as embellishments!

shaggyfish said...

love this peachy keen layout!! and your cute niece this!!

MamaJ said...

I love the LO too... the colours and the Os! :) And Kate is so cute... Your scrap area looks pretty ok to me... my table is so messy I end up scrapping on the floor!

MamaJ said...

Oh, and I forgot, congrats on those notebooks! So exciting that they're gonna be sold! :)

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