Sunday, April 24, 2011

quick post

Off to sleep after this! This was the much awaited holiday needed, even though i did not mark as much as i wanted to. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and i am pretty much looking forward to this short week too. Wednesday is Nomination Day, so the school is closed for one day and we probably need to vacate early on Tuesday too. So happy! Haha.

Just dropping by to share this ...

This would be one of the notebook sold in a Singapore store at Cineleisure. Thanks to Jo for sharing with me the opportunity to create. We just received our money for our commission work for wedding guestbooks. We were elated! I know i was, it is fun seeing how people enjoy them and it was fun on myself, given the libity to do anything i want.

What you think? I am loving the notebook! I couldnt bear to let it go after i was done with it. I am starting to use the zutter more often. I still make mistakes from time to time, but i am getting better with more notebooks done. I didnt have time to take pictures of the other two notebooks since i handed them over already. But this will do..

I will be back to share more good news!

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shaggyfish said...

wow... u enjoying zuttering notebooks! im sure it's full of satisfaction and enjoyment to know that people gonna enjoy your creation! Keep scrapping... ya! (that's probably the way to keep sane from some 'lows' of teaching.. hahahaha) but you gonna rock!!!!!! HAVE FUN!

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