Monday, April 11, 2011

Adventures of Jo and Jean

Here to chase away Monday blues with a picture of this:

Last Saturday, we scouted the land for trinkets! And Lo and Behold, we were proud of what we found! It was indeed giving us a headache, looking through racks and racks of stuff to find trinkets like these. So yes, along with these trinkets came rolls of metal chains, all ready to be wired down into little dangling trinkets next to the future mini albums.

What say you, if we decide to sell them at really affordable prices?

And what really put the smile of my face was drinking KOI's HONEY GREEN TEA with Grassjelly at the end of that 2 hours shopping. I hope your monday has been great. The time is 5.30 pm and i just got home. What a day! Oh What a day! Time to rest up now.


Joanna said...

YIPPPPeeee!! We had so much fun last sat..albeit the tiredness but Koi was simply lovely! I could drink that FOREVER and not get sick of it!!

.:['sare]:. said...

Hey Jeanette,

I was at a Perth WA craft fair today and thought of you! It was craft paper crazy, Tim Holtz stuff everywhere and I bought Kaisercraft stamps... to use with an acrylic block. The effect is really clear and I'm over the moon. :D On brown paper it is just the right type of vintage. Jia you for school yah! :) Now that I work in a school too I am slogging to the end of term next week so I can have some Easter... the kids are so tired lately!

Hope you are well lovey.


shaggyfish said...

wow... you got lovely trinkets there!! have a good week ahead.. and more scrappy stuff!!!

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