Tuesday, May 7, 2013

How much has it changed?

I was looking at my past entries these couple days and I was so amazed by how much I have changed as a scrapper. My scrapping style then was so different from how I scrap now. Some of the older layouts cracked me up and if you would allow me, I am going to post some later. But with that said, I realised how much this hobby has become a part of me. I have grown so much not just from scrapping but learning who I am as an 'artist' and the skills and knowledge honed in me would be something I would love to cherish for a long time.

So how has it changed?
  • I finally mastered the art of photographing my layouts well. They used to be taken at night and were hardly ever edited to be aligned straight or brightened. 
  • My taste in products have changed. I used to love cutsy animals and colourful pattered papers and right now, I am pretty sure I will never buy those off the shelf. 
  • When it came to flowers related layouts, I used to cluster them so much that I could no longer see the photos. Now, I have learnt to say 'stop' and tell myself less is more. 
  • Most importantly, these 5 years have taught me one of the most valuable lesson. To walk into a shop knowing what products and embellishments work well for me. I used to be one of those who first started buying everything and anything even if I did not know how to use them.  I have learnt to refrain from buying other products even if people deemed it as popular or trendy. I finally know what defines me as ME. 
So even when these old layouts remind me of  a past that I am embarrassed about, it was once a part of my scrapping journey and it will always be a part of it. What I see is GROWTH and I am thankful that I have grown over the years. Do look back on your own scrapping journey and I am sure you will discover a lot more about yourself.

Happy Tuesday.


Genevive said...

hahahaha! i can so relate!!! OMG. i find my old layouts so hilarious (YOURS ARE WAY BETTER! ).. i love ur post. maybe ill post my "then and now" pages too!

yes. less is more :)

thanks for the inspiration Jeanette :)

Joanna said...

I remember how we used to go to made with love each thursday and raid the shop clean of stuff! Those were good days man!

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