Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hello Hello

I am back. After 7 days of travelling, I am finally back in Singapore. It feels great to be back and I certainly miss Singapore. Haha. Korea was great nonetheless. It was the first time going to a country in which we didnt know the language nor how to get around. I am glad that months of planning meant that we were prepared and we certainly didnt get lost that much. We spent our time exploring places, eating Korean food and walking a lot. A LOT. Sharing some photos that I took...

And speaking of travel photos, I did a travel themed page using the latest OA's Travel Girl Collection. Did I mention how big a fan I am of October Afternoon? This line is no exception to their previous travel line and I am in love. (:

Loving those blues and greens in the page. The elements in the line are up to my alley and I am certainly going to use this line for my Korea photos. I cant wait to get started. So I hope everyone is well and finding time to scrap. I will scrap hard before school starts again.

Happy Wednesday.

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Anya said...

Great pictures and awesome travel page! I like how you kept it light so that your pictures really stand out!

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