Saturday, June 22, 2013

Inspiration everywhere

Where do you draw your inspiration from? For me, I draw it for daily life's experiences, Pinterest and blogs. Recently, I have been inspired by these shapes : triangles, grid lines and hearts.

Triangles. I am so in love with this symmetrical shape and how it can be aligned in all different angles. I got these images while surfing Juanna's blog.

And hence, I have been inspired to use the triangles elements on a page. How about a sneak since I cant release this layout just yet?

Grid lines. You guys should know how much I love grid lines. I use them so often in my layouts, be it irregular sections or squares.. You have seen it all. They continue to inspire me further as a scrapbooker.  Here are some that I found from Pinterest.

An upcoming layout inspired by these grid images...

Lastly, Hearts. Corrie Jones is by far one of the most inspiring artist I have known. Ever since I have known of her, I have been such a big fan and her blog is one that I do read so often. My inspiration of hearts came from this layout of hers. 

When she first shared about how she made these hearts on her layout, I was so so inspired. I did mine on the Cameo and i love how it turned out too. Here is my take ...

This was also done in conjunction for CSI #77. I varied the sizes of the hearts on my Cameo, lengthening some of them and making some of them wider. Then, I welded all the hearts together so that they could overlap one another and spread across the page. I tried some new techniques of ink splatters by using a big brush as well as complementing the grey splatters with some stamping. 

Inspiration is truly everywhere. Let your mind go free and be inspired. Remember to link your sources because these artists so dearly deserve all the credits.

So where do you draw your inspiration from? I would love to hear about it. 

There are no failures; 
Just experiences and 
your reactions to them.
-Tom Krause

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Genevive said...

i get my inspiration from pinterest. from my favorite blogs.. from everywhere! recently i made cards using a mood board.. so fun.. love triangles too! and hearts.. and that's a totally lovely layout you have using hearts! love your take :)

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