Thursday, June 20, 2013

Techniques and Tricks #03

Today it is all about misting.

I would be sharing some tips that I have experimented and loved after all these while. This post would be split into 2 parts as it might get a little lengthy so I would focus on 3 techniques today.

It doesnt matter which brand of mists you own. They all work the same and the techniques that you see below can be applied too. Some of the techniques might be new while others might be what you know so pardon me even as I go through the steps. I will also be linking up my layouts after the technique has been shared so that you can have a clearer idea of how it can be transacted into a layout/project.

So lets get started...

Technique 1:  Basic small splatters

1) Tilt the bottle slightly to ensure that the mist seeps into the nozzle
2) Place your hand on the nozzle
3) Use hand motion to tap on the nozzle

Here are some layouts using this technique:

Technique 2: Big splatters

1) Spray a good portion of mist into the bottle cap
2) Use your hand motion and aim at where you want it to appear on your page

* Tip - the more mists you spray in the bottle cap, the bigger the splatters.

Here are some of my layouts using this technique...

Technique 3:  Mixing mists

Think back about your primary colour charts and understand that once certain colours are mixed together, an addtional colour might appear. So think of Red + Blue = Purple, Blue + Yellow = Green etc.

1) Simply choose the colour scheme you are going for
2) Spray both colours so that a certain section overlaps with one another. 

Here is an altered album I did using this technique...

I hope you find these techniques useful thus far. I will be back with Part 2 real soon. For now, do experiment with your own mists and remember, that more practice equates to better understanding and control of this medium.


Lizzyc said...

Thank you, I have wondered how to do the big splatters without tipping the bottle over on the page, which could be dangerous as too much could come out then,, I shall try your way of putting some in the lid and dropping it down.. thanks again!

Дарья said...

Great techniques, i'll try with the bottle cap (it's something new)) I adore your works!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing, I'm always keen to learn new techniques !
Love that album by the way :)

Leanne said...


Sandra said...

Thank you, it looks so easy but takes some thought so thanks for sharing, its appreciated.

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