Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The start of a good break

Even though my 3 weeks break is upon us, I still have not being able to enjoy much. Reasons being:
  • Mum's full medical check up (accompanied her for 3 days)
  • Had to go back to teach today and tomorrow
  • Last minute preparation for my Korea Trip (leaving next Monday) 
  • Flu Jab
So with all these all my mind, I am truly looking forward to finding some time for myself, hopefully by tomorrow. I do have a couple of layouts to complete before I leave on Monday so I am praying that I would have enough strength to do so. I just havent had time to even think of getting creative, simply because there are 1000000 things to do.

Here is sharing a layout I did for Crate Paper that went live today.

I shared some tips of how to make your own customised vellum pockets. I must say, I am truly obsessed with vellum right now. I have been using them on my recent layouts so stay tune as you will see more. 

Will be back for one more post before i leave for Korea.
Happy Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

oh i love your vellum tutorial and always love your layout very different but i like it. anyway have fun in Korea

Anonymous said...

Oh those vellum pockets look fab I will have to pop over and check out your tutorial!

Leanne said...


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