Saturday, September 14, 2013

Simple layouts : Scrapbook Process

Sometimes simple is good. Occassionally, I allow myself to indulge in my leftovers and try to create something beautiful. Today, I would walk you through on my process...

Grab your leftover papers and embellishments. I have a basket filled with scraps that I love to rummage through.

Step 1 : Select a base colour for your background.
Step 2 : Cut strips of papers. They are a great way of covering space on a page.

Step 3: Play around with positioning and layer papers on top of each other. I love using this sheet of Crate Paper Tags and Accent die cuts that gives me lots of options to cut and layer.

Step 4: Once the layers are done, look through the embellishments you've at hand and find what fits. Mix the colours up and compliment embellishments with the overall colour theme.

Step 5 : Dont fuss on the nitty gritty. Call it done and enjoy.


I thoroughly enjoyed my 30 mins scrapbook layouts adventure. Do share with me on your scrapbook process too. I would love to hear about it.


Sam said...

Love! Exactly what I do every time I scrap! I like to call things done!

Sandra Dietrich said...

Love your layouts :).

Eila Sandberg said...

He he one might say we are opposite poles when it comes to our scrappy process! I really do procrastinate for ages before I stick anything down, but then again that's what I enjoy doing. Lovely pages both of them, but I gotta say the second one if pretty special! :))

Sandy Ang said...

i'm blown away with what you create in just 30mins. my process is very cerebral. usually begins with a design idea i'd like to experiment with and takes anywhere up to 3 days to get completed LOL

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