Saturday, October 31, 2009

cold windy day

The weather is really weird. Just 2 weeks ago, i was complaining that it was so freaking hot and right now, it is just raining non stop. I guess monsoon season just arrived in Singapore.

This LO took forever to complete since i was sick during the week. I was so forgetful that it was so terrible. I mentioned that i lost my scissors and guess where i found it? LOL! Found it inside one of my thickers pack. I must have like accidentally put it in while i was insanely sick. Looked high and low for it but never occued to me that it could be in that place. Zzzzz. (:

Attended a papermarket's class for the first time yesterday. Enjoyed it very much and i am so amazed by the creativity level and the choices they have for classes. Not that the other store isnt that good but classes at papermarket are cheaper since i have the VIP card. :D:D:D:D:D:D

It got me thinking...What kind of scrapper am i? I mean, it is good to expose yourself to classes and learn techniques. But after the classes, what techniques do i still apply and use in my daily scrapbooking time?

I was very much a non-technical scrapper (i believe i still am) but i can see myself wanting to experiment all and use more types of medium in my LOs and albums. I am trying at the end of the day and i think that is of importance. (:

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