Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's a good day

Hooray! Today was a super scrap productive day. I managed to finish 3 'projects' that i set out to do. Haha. I went over to Jo's house to scrap and i had to scrap alone for 1 hour, thanks to her work. It was so weird scrapping alone for a crop. In any case, she was complaining i was such a slow scrapper. I think i spent 2 hours just doing the pleated flowers. haha.

Okay first up : Dear Lizzy' NO 2.

I really wanted to draw back on the emphasis of journalling. I think sometimes i tend to be more concerned about how the LOs look like, instead of realising the importance of why you are scrapping a particular picture. I was really happy with how the LO turned out. TA's Jazz Blue is really excellant (sprayed it for the clouds) and i needed a Sun so i had to 'youtube' videos on how to make a Sun. Viola! Love my cute cute Sun.

Isnt this something I wont normally do? i realised i am such a structured kind of scrapper but this LO was really doing something different and being adventurous.

Will be posting the 2 'project's up tomorrow. Will need to get some before and after shots first. (:


Anyway, did anyone read Merdrey's and Sharon's blogs? They posted a challenge for each other based on the raks they give. Jo and i thought it will be quite fun to try something like that, to push our creativity beyond our comfort zone. But i guess it turned out to be more of a 'sabo' game. (at least for her!)

Look at what i will give her : Am i nice or what?

I probably wont post the layout on the blog. She is planning to give me Fancy Pants and i cringed when i heard it. Oh well, i must push myself to try something different.

This rak of papers will also be given to her friend who just started scrapping. I am so glad I dont have to throw my papers away. It is going to someone who will use them, hopefully. (:

Oh well, till tomorrow...



hahaha, the way you said abt fancy pants made u cringed... hahahaha...
i love the sun, and the centre with the orange soooooo cute! the layout sooooo adorable, not yr usual style, love the journaling.. and theres a rabbit... so cute,keke:D

skyline said...

Dude!! Fainted siah....I think I suck at the LO i did with the stuff u gave me. This is not fair. The next challenge has to be something NOT ORANGE and NOT a LO! I'm bad at LO! And now I think I'm a bad scrapper!!

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