Sunday, March 14, 2010

greatest joy

I am finally back from camp! i never knew i could still get bitten by mosquitoes even though the air con was under me. it was hard sleeping with them buzzing in my ears. Well, it got a whole lot better after i sprayed myself with repellant! haha. it was really weird sleeping next to my desk and being alone in the whole staff room! Oh well, it was an experience. :D

Came back and concussed for a 4 hour nap. I am feeling a whole lot better even though i have to go down to school tmr. I am going to enjoy this one week break.

Well, i am done with my latest LO. i am really in love with the latest AC papers. I am officially an AC fan. :D Managed to use the MM 'baby girl' stickers that i bought ages ago and it went so well with the theme. :D I am loving how the word 'baby' is strung across. (:

She is my greatest joy. These pictures were taken during one of the afternoons with her. I am so thankful that i get to see her more often since she stays at my house from Wednesday onwards. I always look forward to come back from school to spend some quality time with her. :D

Have a good weekend people.


Yin said...

What a sweet LO jeanette, and love the little flags!! She's such a darling too!


have a gd 1 week break!
i also a AC fan too! sweet LO :)

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