Thursday, March 18, 2010

On a roll

Was supposed to blog yesterday but i didnt have time and was way too tired. Haha. Well, lyn's bday (sis in law) was coming up and i decided to do a 9x9 frame for her as a gift. Mum has also been 'complaining' on why there isnt any photoframes of kate and her so i did another 9x9 frame of the grandparents and kate.

Presenting Dear Lizzy No 3. I am seriously in love with this line. i have never used a line of any kind so many times. lol.

Then, Lyn's one. I really love what i did for her.I wish i could keep it and i hope she does like it when i give it to her tonight. Doing a gift for anyone is probably the best feeling that one can get. Seeing the glow on their faces as they open up their handmade presents ... priceless! :D

Okay done! I will be back soon with my fancy pants creation! I am almost done and i must say, Fancy pants! I am sure not scared of you! Haha! Even though i wont buy papers from you though. :D



i love both the layouts!
the pink is so feminine... and the darker was stands out!!
love the primas on them toooooo... is like heavely match!
and love the edges... awww.... so so lovely... is really labour of love, precious gift ya!
keep scrapping and spreading yr love, smiles :)

Yin said...

Wonderful LO's Jeanette, and i like how you created your earlier Dear Lizzy LO with your photo cutouts. Cute!!!

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