Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fancy Pants

So a week ago, i mentioned about the challenge my sis and i were doing. Well, she was done with hers and she obviously gave me the heads up because she said 'i won' after looking at mine. But there are no winners when it comes to this. I am just glad i tried using papers that i never though i will use or buy.

So yes, Fancy Pants! In my own terms, i conquered you! (:

Cut the little cards out and decided to do a mini album! Decided to take out my hambly stash and used them as covers and insert pages. I am in love with what i did. I have so much hambly stuff but never got around to use them. I am glad i managed to do so.

All done! Guess what arrived in the mail today?

Thank you Scrapbook Carton! It made my day, just by receiving all these goodies. It is next on my scraplist. (actually, it is almost done! (: )


skyline said...

Oh dude! Good job with the challenge. You're the winner for this round but maybe next time I will beat you if you don't give me a sunkist challenge woah! When can I get my stash from SB Carton from you??


lovely album there!!!
and wow, look at the stash u have. long weekend hope u have a gd scrapping time!

Merdrey said...

congrats on conquering your 'fear' of fancy pants!!! =) I need to work on my challenge with Sharon soon!! =) Deadline is next Wed *eeks*

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