Friday, October 9, 2009


In the light of Lia's latest post, i have come to realise that although I might not have as many scrap stuff like she has, but i am guilty for hoarding way more papers than what i can scrap. Think about it: who does not like to buy new papers and new products to use when there is the temptation of Trendy Thursday? I am someone who actually likes to get my hands on 'new stuff' so that 'i keep up with times.'

The problem is that my rate of buying new products is more than my rate of scrapping.

I am going to rethink the way i buy my products now. I will get my hands on them, buy the most minimum amount of stuff, use them up as soon as possible and not feel too guilty at the end of the day. Because the truth is that there will always be new arrivals. I do not like the idea of forgetting what i have bought and leaving them one side to rot.

In the meantime, i will try to use up my old products and mix them up with my new products.

Some sneaks waiting to be shown:

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