Sunday, October 18, 2009


The funny thing : Sometimes, the scrapping community can be that discouraging. While appreciation and encouragement is highly rewarding after you have finished a LO, but it makes me question whether we are scrapping for appraisal or are we scrapping to 'document' certain stages of our everyday life?

Although the ideal answer is the former but who does not like appraisal and encouragement? It is so much easier to gain all those if you know the scrapping community better. But the truth is, i dont. I question whether i am scrapping well or whether i am 'improving' on my techniques.

It seems like i am going around in circles. I need to tell myself that the most important thing is to be happy! The most important thing to do is to develop pictures that i want to scrap for memories sake. Approval can come later.

Sneak Peak: Could not resist the new OA papers. (:

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