Thursday, October 22, 2009

a good cause

So if you havent heard, one of the members from MWL is going on a volunteer trip to Yunnan and she is collecting SB stuff to be donated to a hospital there. For more details, check it out here:


I got so excited when i heard about it. Here i was talking about destashing so i took some time today to sort out things that i did not want. I put them into 2 categories: things to throw and things to donate.

These will be the things that i am going to donate and put into MWL next thursday. I feel so happy knowing that even though i hate parting with my stash, but the truth is i will never used them ever again and it is going to go somewhere where it will benefit the people there. (:

It's all for a good cause.


The full reveal.

I love the pretty garden with fences, with a tree and birds. Just like how i imagined the LO to be. (: Had fun with the webster pages once again.

I am Going to work on the new NUTMEG collection next. I love you, COSMO! (:

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