Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I am so proud of myself. Haha. I used up all the webster pages bought and that means, i can throw the remaining scraps away. No more webster! Now, i can safely say i will wait for the next batch of webster pages to come before i work on them. (:

Managed to finally scrap the pictures of kate sleeping. This girl refused to sleep and mum had to try to get her to sleep on the bed. Suddenly, she just fell asleep at where she was on, the bolster! Super cute. It must be quite painful to sleep that way but she must have been so tired.

When i bought the webster pages, i knew i wanted to scrap these pictures with it. Had a concept and acted on it. I am glad i did not give up. I tried once and it ended up crappy so i tried it again. (: The inspiration came about from the words 'We grow by our dreams' from the webster pages. Perfect!



i have been scrapping alot this past 1 month. That's good but i guess i have been procrastinating finishing up my assignments which are due next week. Crap. Okay, going back to finish my lesson plan. (:

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