Thursday, October 29, 2009


okay, i am feeling much better today. Managed to finish most of the LO i am working on. I lost my precision scizzors! I cant believe it! Am still looking high and lo for it since i have a class tomorrow. Darn it.

Some pictures to share. Last sat, we went to Lia's house for another class! Love to have classes with her. Small group and it is always effective work being done, with all the fun talking and getting your project done together. Managed to finish the whole calender at her house in 5 hours. Thank God. I was so tired after that, my neck and arms were aching from all that cutting, pasting and glittering. (:

We had a pleasant surprise. Leena joined the class and i was so star-struck for that moment. i could not believe that someone whom i admired for scrapbooking was actually taking a class with us. :D :D :D

Okay pictures time. Will be back to share more.

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