Sunday, October 11, 2009

part 2

So, i finished up the album and the LO i was working on. As i was packing my scrap stuff today, i was quite curious to see what i had in my 12x12 paper stash. I used to sort them out by colours or pattern types but recently, i have grouped them according to their label names.

I got to this stack and it was labeled 'polka dots'. When I first started scrapping, i would go MWL quite often to stock up. I was very much in love with polka dots so i will buy them and hoard. It was a pretty sight to see them. But now, i am like thinking...WHAT WAS I THINKING! This is one of those moments where you buy the papers because they are like 'pretty' but in the end, you dont use them at all.

And that is exactly the case. I dont even think i touched that stack since ages ago.

So if i am not wrong, i have ..

3 stacks of OA
2 stacks of Cosmo
2 stacks of Sassafras
1 stack of hambleys
2 stacks of cardstocks
1 stack of polka dots
1 stack of AC
1 stack of misc

So you get the point. I havent even sort out the papers i have in my other shelf and this is atrociously horrible. I wish i was in denial of how much i have and how much i have spent...

Destashing, I need to destash! (:


Did a mini album for Kate. Figured that if i could make one for her for her bday, that i should also do the same for myself. Used mostly old papers, MM paints, Glossy accents, AC/Cosmo rubons. I am pretty proud that i did not use anything new in this album.

Have a good week ahead, everyone.

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